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Learning goals and assessment

Learning goals

Learning goals and success criteria are displayed in all classrooms. Teachers at Narangba State School have been using learning goals and success criteria to assist students to clearly understand what it is that they are learning and how they will show that they have learnt it.  

By communicating the learning goal to students, teachers ensure that their students are aware of the purpose for their learning and have a target to aim for. Students are encouraged to measure their successes and take pride in their effort as they progress towards the learning goal. Success criteria provide more detailed information aimed at helping students understand how they are to achieve the learning goal.  

Students can clearly see what they have mastered and what they have yet to learn. Being able to talk about their learning goal has a direct link to the quality of student learning.  Teachers also use the success criteria to give students feedback on how far they have moved towards achieving their learning goal and direct their attention to the next step in their learning.



An initial parent information afternoon will be held early in the school year to allow teachers to communicate expectations, goals and assessment procedures to parents.

It is expected throughout the year that informal reporting will occur with parents and carers as the need or opportunity arises at mutually convenient times. This is to provide incidental feedback, strengthen school/community ties and to ensure parents are well informed about their child’s progress.

Twice-yearly, at the end of terms 2 and 4, written reports to parents provide information about a student's performance in each learning area studied that semester, including an overall grade that uses a common five-point scale.

  • In prep, student overall achievement is recorded as applying, making connections, working with, exploring and becoming aware

  • In years 1 and 2, the student's overall achievement is reported as very high, high, sound, developing and support required

  • In years 3 to 6, student overall achievement is reported using A-E standards

Teachers will also provide a formal interview with parents twice throughout the year. These will be offered at the end of terms 1 and 3 and are to provide parents with an opportunity to discuss academic, behavioural and social progress of their children. Future goals to further the student’s learning may also be discussed at this time.

Students in years 3 and 5 also receive a written NAPLAN report in semester two.