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Home reading

Be a reader was developed exclusively for students at Narangba State School.
Our approach to the introduction of reading has been to ensure that the best foundations are laid before children begin to take books home.
  • The principles of the program work around 4 key elements:
    Reading should be fun and enjoyable.
  • Fluency comes with repeated readings of the same text, regular reading and exposure to many different types of books.
  • Teaching of strategies; how to monitor, solve and confirm new words, leads to independence.
  • Attention to both letters and sounds (c-a-t) as well as the way a word looks (here) is a balanced way to attend to words.
    The goal is to ensure children have plenty of time to master literacy behaviours by practicing at home with family and friends.  Gradually children become more independent to monitor, solve, self-correct and confirm as they work with familiar and new texts.

Children will take home readers each week at their level.

Home readers are levelled alphabetically.

Children will read and reread texts for fluency.

Shared reading by you, with them is still a crucial part of their literacy learning.  

Our Commitment

We will provide a range of quality books that have specific layout, font, high frequency words and storylines which are most appropriate for the development of your child.

We will monitor your child’s progress and select the most suitable texts for your child to take home.
We will continue to explicitly teach a variety of strategies that will lead your child to independence in reading and an enjoyment of reading. 


Your Commitment 
Find a quiet place to hear your child read daily and allow them to hold the book.
Begin with a picture walk to promote meaning and prediction during reading.
Only read parts to your child to model phrasing and fluency.
If the books are too difficult please tell your classroom teacher immediately.