Our iLearn journey began in 2021, with over 80% uptake in our first year. From 2022 onwards, Narangba State School students in Years 2 - 6 will have the opportunity to participate in our iLearn program, in which students bring their privately owned and managed iPad to school to support their learning. 


Why iLearn? 

The aim of the iLearn program is to create a balanced, integrated and innovative approach to the use of technology in our learning environments. iLearn supports our Narangba State School eLearning vision to engage, challenge and empower our learners, to become confident, creative and critical citizens within our global community. The whole school actively uses and promotes ICT opportunities that are purposeful, engaging and intrinsically linked to curriculum, providing quality teaching to maximise student learning outcomes. 


What is iLearn? 

At Narangba State School, the iPad is used as a portable tool that enhances a student's learning engagement and motivation to learn when delivering the Australian Curriculum. The Australian 

Curriculum emphasises the significant differences inherent in learning in the 21st century. It is built around the development of a set of general capabilities: literacy, numeracy, Information 

Communication Technology (ICT) capability, creative and critical thinking, ethical understanding, personal and social capability, and intercultural understanding. 

The iPad enables teachers to deliver rich, personalised, high-order, collaborative and creative learning experiences. It is utilised as an inclusive learning tool that provides children with greater choice about how they present their knowledge, thoughts and ideas. The iPad enables a variety of learning activities such as drill and repetition, reference, productivity and creativity. Students use their device for a range of purposes throughout all stages of learning, such as planning and researching; applying and deepening knowledge; reflecting, evaluating and sharing. Students are also explicitly taught to use digital technologies safely, ethically and responsibly. 

Our core belief is that the iPad must be used intentionally with carefully selected apps. It is not expected that these devices are in constant use, nor replace the important need for students to learn to read and write using more traditional forms. Similar to all teaching and learning tools in our school, the iPads will be used to enrich learning experiences. 

Through the iLearn Program, students are engaged in productive, meaningful and stimulating learning experiences. The use of an iPad ensures interesting classroom spaces and interesting learning. 

You will find a YouTube Video, in the links section, with all the information discussed at our parent/caregiver information sessions. 

Please see the following link for purchasing iPads through Queensland Computers. Alternatively, visit any major retailer. 

The password to access the link is: Narangba123 


For more information, see our other supporting documentation or email enquires 



Last reviewed 31 October 2023
Last updated 31 October 2023